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Sweet Summer Slam Dance XP by Flowr Pit is here!!!

“Stories about my friends & families, my surroundings, and myself. Stories about someone else, someplace else, and some times. Stories about giving in and getting up, about leaving and going back, about feelings and how to live. Never have I ever going this personal and emotional through my music, and I hope that it’ll last long enough.” – Flowr Pit

Debut release of Bintaro’s renowned indie rock slash emo project by our goofy friend Alfath Arya, Sweet Summer Slam Dance XP is now out!!
Well it’s basically an EP but XP looks more fun and it’s still stand for x-tended play anywaWE ARE THAT COOL. It features four sweet guitar-driven, heart-wrenching rock songs including the single “Procrastinate Until It Does Make Sense” and final version of the famous demo track “23rd Sugarscar”.  This also come with cute artworks crafted & photographed beautifully by the talented young lady Nadine Hanisya. Get it on CD-R or click here to stream/free download.