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We’re Sending Gizpel, Low Pink and ATSEA For a Mini Showcase!

To share our happiness of what’s going on lately in our little nest e.g Gizpel’s newly live formation, Low Pink’s debut Phases EP release, and ATSEA finally get their Jakarta lineup, we cordially invite you to this mini showcase:

Sun 21/8 at XABI Studio, Lebak Bulus
Doors 4PM / 20k or 30k for 2

with a warm opening from:
Purple Orange

Really hope to see you there!!!! <3


The Jadugar (Anggun Priambodo & Henry Foundation) has been our heroes since the day one we happened to get into local independent scene years ago. They introduced us to wider perspectives about the scene, aesthetic possibilities, and how music video itself could play a big role in defining an era and its zeitgeist thru their remarkable works.

So it really is an honor for us when they picked our music videos (@KavehKaness – “Tiger in Your Tank” & @Gizpel – “Zittau”) as their favorites and yet to screen it before them in coming edition of Klip Klub, next Wed (27/1) at @kinosaurusjakarta, 19.30 WIB.

A little chat with a few of us will take place as well as The mighty mighty Jadugar afterwards. So please come!!! ><

And yes, for your more convenient shopping experience, now you can pick up our releases in all Aksara stores: Citos – Kemang – Pacific Place, just like the good ol’ 2006 days. Do tell yer friends!