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Chirp Club No.2: Girls in Bands

Being in a band is one thing, but being a woman in a band is a different thing altogether. More and more women are taking up space in the male-dominated scene and owning it. It may seem like the issue of inclusivity is solved once you recruit a girl to play in your band, but often it makes matters even more complex—Microaggressions, objectification and harassment are only a few of the many concerns of being the girl in the band. How do women’s experiences differ from men’s? How often do people treat the players how they expect to be treated? How do we work together to create a safe and inclusive space for everyone?

Be with the talks this Saturday, 15:00 – 18:00 at Butfirst Coffee, Darmawangsa with our guests Rega Ayundya, Smita Kirana, Fathia Izzati and Ravinda Wibowo. See you there!

We present, Chirp Club!

Chirp Club is an intimate yet modest discussion club that is hosted by Kolibri Rekords to interact, share, and discuss things that are interesting around our life. The discussed topic isn’t always have to revolve around record label and the band itself, but we’ll talk about everything from film, art, pop culture, internet lyf, social, low-key politics, sexuality or even your personal heartbreaks. The sessions are microphone-free and hosted to be a friendly and fun gathering point for everyone. Under our jargon “amplifying the little chirps”, this club is our lovely attempt to make sure that it is not only music that has to be loud and clear, but also other little voices that might won’t ever be heard if we don’t amplify them now.

Chirp Club adalah klub diskusi intim nan sederhana yang di buat oleh Kolibri Rekords untuk berbincang , bertukar pikiran, membahas hal-hal menarik di sekitar kita dan terbuka untuk siapapun. Topik obrolannya pun tidak melulu soal record label dan bandnya saja, melainkan seperti film, art & pop culture, internet lyf, sosial, low-key politics, sexuality atau bahkan personal heartbreaks. Diskusi ini bebas microphone dan format speaker-audience, selain menjadi tempat berdiskusi chrip club juga bisa menjadi tempat berkumpul yang ramah, nyaman dan menyenangkan bagi semua. Dengan berjargon “amplifying the little chrips” klub ini adalah upaya Kolibri Rekords untuk memastikan tidak hanya musik yang berhak terdengar lantang, tapi juga suara-suara penting lainnya yang mungkin belum pernah terdengar jika tidak disuarakan sekarang.