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Internet Fwendz 5 on Pictures

100% our best show ever, 100% funded by the tickets (you!), 100% from the hearts. The bruises, sore, and fun all were real. Forever grateful for all of you esp the lovely bands playing and supportive best friends involved on making it happened. Please make your own show with your friends too asap! See you on the next show!!!

Photos were beautifully captured by George Rumundor.

Internet Fwendz vol. 5!

Hi everyone!
Hope yall feeling glistening today, because we got our upcoming long waited Internet Fwendz vol. 5!!

This time is pretty special because 1) this is a conjunction with Grrrl Gang’s  “Stay Fat, Akbar” trip for their grumpy bassist farewell shows before him leaving us abroad (Good luck Akbar! Stay fat too…), and 2) we just signed the freshly heart-wrenching emo/indierock project by Alfath Arya called Flowr Pit for an upcoming mini release & music video!!! So please join us do that welcome (and goodbye) crowdsurfs for them and shout some love. Come celebrate with us and of course, jingle out with your best buds.


Kolibri Rekords presents


Friday, 8th September 2017
at Rossi Musik Fatmawati, Jakarta Selatan
Starts 7PM

Please make the payment of total amount of your ticket(s) via bank transfer
BCA 5271-3087-53 Daffa Andika
Confirm the purchase by sending the receipt to LINE: kolibrirekords.

AT DOORS – IDR50.000
opens at 6PM


Chirp Club No.2: Girls in Bands

Being in a band is one thing, but being a woman in a band is a different thing altogether. More and more women are taking up space in the male-dominated scene and owning it. It may seem like the issue of inclusivity is solved once you recruit a girl to play in your band, but often it makes matters even more complex—Microaggressions, objectification and harassment are only a few of the many concerns of being the girl in the band. How do women’s experiences differ from men’s? How often do people treat the players how they expect to be treated? How do we work together to create a safe and inclusive space for everyone?

Be with the talks this Saturday, 15:00 – 18:00 at Butfirst Coffee, Darmawangsa with our guests Rega Ayundya, Smita Kirana, Fathia Izzati and Ravinda Wibowo. See you there!

Watch bedchamber’s latest collaboration video with KKL’s KOLAB KOLIB

Introducing KOLAB KOLIB! Our newest collaboration with the finest Youtube channel ‘Kelompok Kolektif Lampu-lalu-lintas‘ (KKL)

People tend to be honest in speaking out on Twitter – and sometimes, looking back at your old tweets can sometimes be embarrassing. In this premiere episode of KOLAB KOLIB, each member of bedchamber revisits their tweets from the past. With that, they try to connect the dots whether their tweets are still relevant today and see how their way of thinking evolves.

Click on the play button if you don’t want to miss the fun!