Tell me about Kolibri Rekords.

Kolibri Rekords is a record label working independently focusing on releasing and managing bands.

Yes I know… but what did you guys do exactly?

We make bands resonate their music better by helping them produce and distribute their music to the right hands. We also make sure the band to get the best artistic treatment by directing a visual language that meets the band’s and label’s ideals. We will channel the band to show and tour opportunities. As long the band is willing to work as hard as we are.

Other than that, we also make shows and events such as Internet Fwendz and our discussion series, Chirp Club. We are so open to any collaborative possibilities. So don’t be shy to hit us up if you got anything great in mind.

Cool, so can I send my demo right now?

If you feel like you or your band should be among the bands on our nest, let us know by shooting us a track or two via email to info@kolibrirekords.com. Keep in mind that not all of them will get a response, but we cross our heart to listen to every of em.

I want to buy your stuff, tell me how to.

We sell our releases and merchandise right in our shop page. Please choose your stuff carefully because we don’t think we could exchange your stuff if you ordered them wrong.

My sister lives in Panama, she said she can’t order your stuff.

Right now we can only ship to Indonesia. But we’re really working on that, hope your sister can wait until then.

My friend owns a record shop, can he sell some of your stuff?

We accept resellers that are accountable to handle our products. For the detailed terms on reselling, please contact us at order@kolibrirekords.com.

I'm secretly a show promoter, can I book one of your bands?

Absolutely. But this thing might get a little tricky. Most of our bands are available, but it is a very likely issue for some bands to be out of town or on a productive hiatus. It is important to check on us before in order to make the date possible for them.

I have other questions but I consider myself a shy person.

If you have anything else to ask, we're up 24/7 on our email service at info@kolibrirekords.com.