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Watch Low Pink’s latest collaboration video with KKL’s KOLAB KOLIB

In this new episode on KOLAB KOLIB from ‘Kelompok Kolektif Lampu-lalu-lintas‘ (KKL), Low Pink has been challenged to sharpen their spontaneity through this amusing freestyle rap.

Each of the member will take 2 words randomly that has been written on a paper, and they will need to develop it into 4 sentences for the freestyle rap.

Watch em’ connect the dots!


Watch bedchamber’s latest collaboration video with KKL’s KOLAB KOLIB

Introducing KOLAB KOLIB! Our newest collaboration with the finest Youtube channel ‘Kelompok Kolektif Lampu-lalu-lintas‘ (KKL)

People tend to be honest in speaking out on Twitter – and sometimes, looking back at your old tweets can sometimes be embarrassing. In this premiere episode of KOLAB KOLIB, each member of bedchamber revisits their tweets from the past. With that, they try to connect the dots whether their tweets are still relevant today and see how their way of thinking evolves.

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