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New mini release out today: Grrrl Gang – Stop This Madness singles!!!

This is Angee (vocal & guitar), Edo (guitar), and Akbar (bass). Since we watched them for the first time a few months ago, we were pretty much sure that Grrrl Gang is really what we’ve been looking for: sweet pop riffs and melodies, a sense of bitterness and melancholia, provocative-honest lyrics, fuckyouandyourcoolfriends attitude, and dead serious internet jokes. They were born in 1995, 1996, and 1997, but we’ve never met any other kids their age who offer such musical sensibility that Grrrl Gang has got in hand.

So we’re really excited now to share you the trio’s first effort ever, a double-single release titled “Stop This Madness: Bathroom/Thrills” as our mini release under the KOL-00D catalog. You can stream or download both tracks for free via our Bandcamp and SoundCloud page.

The release is also out with a super fun/sweet music video shot and directed by our lovely girl friends Carkultera Wage Sae & Nadine Hanisya. Watch below:

Stop This Madness is available on limited CD-R, in edition of 100 that you can mailorder with sending this format: Name / Phone Number / Shipping Address / Quantity of copy (max 2pcs) to

The amazing (unfortunately) fictional comic cover artwork is done by Ariel Kaspar sensei.

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Perennial EP and Capital Will Be Reissued for Cassette Store Day

KOL-001 & KOL-004
Edt. of 100 each / hand numbered
Solid green & solid orange tapes
with bonus live rarities and download link.
Out 8/10/2016
CSD Jakarta: Aksara Kemang & Blok M Square
CSD Bandung: Omuniuum
CSD Jogja: Bentara Budaya
CSD Solo: Muara Market
CSD Semarang: Clapper Cafe
CSD Malang: Teras Panglima
CSD Surabaya: Next week!
Online: 11 Oktober via Nanaba Records (luar Jawa only).