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New Year New Bands

We know 2017 just started but we’re already so pumped to share our very first blog post this year to you guys to welcome two new Yogyakarta bands to our modest nest.

Freshly fresh! Grrrl Gang is an indie pop band consists of Angee, Edo, Akbar and Bagus known for their girl vocal driven pop tunes wrapped in sweet guitar melodies and fuzzy rhythm. Although they’re just newly formed, expect them to make you dance and sing wildly on their shows as their material is being cooked for our early 2017 release.

Listen to “Bathroom”

Another one to look out for, Seahoarse has been known for their reverb-drenched shoegaze/dreampop sounds and fun performance that they offer from shows to shows. Their introductory single “Cricket Choir” appeared on soundcloud back in 2015 and we’ve been good friends ever since. We will take care of their LP that expected to arrive this mid-good-year!

Listen to “Cricket Choir”

And oh yeah, happy new year! Share the love!

Who Let the Birds Out? Jakarta Showcase

In collaboration with Toko Misteri
Day 2
Sat, 29 Jan 2017
at Gedung Barafutsal Melawai, Jakarta Selatan
Starts 3PM
IDR 40.000 / 100.000 for 3
Tickets available at Toko Misteri
We’re bummed to inform you all guys that Kaveh Kanes can’t make it to the 2nd show at Toko Misteri on sunday,
But fortunately the Bandung show is all good.
Here is our new rundown
Show must go on and we promise you that we’ll still gonna rock out! So see ya there!!

Who Let the Birds Out? Bandung Showcase

In conjunction with Spasial Session 03 by Norrm
Who Let the Birds Out?
Day 1
Sat, 28 Jan 2017
at Spasial, Bandung
Starts 3PM
IDR 50.000
Tickets available at Ommonium (offline) and (online)
We have limited showcase sampler CDs for the first 25 entries.
Bring some extra bucks for merch & drinks.
Everything’s on set, so better be on time!
Ok the tense is real see u bandung!!!!