Kaveh Kanes


Kaveh Kanes is the name of the first coffee house in the world, and Asad Gibran, Zaimmudin Mukarrom, Hafid Alattas, and Muchammad Najib thought they would name their band after it. Before they joined our humble nest, the band has coined its reputation through their first EP, Arabia's Frankincense Trail on 2012. Based on Yogyakarta, the band has housed number of shows while attracting new lovers each day.

Following years after, we were graced with their decision to hit on us for their next record. The 8 tracks full album, Capital was released on 2015, serving an immeasurable level of sweetness an indie pop album could carry. Try spare a moment to listen to "Norwegian Crush" and "Poacher" for a start, not to forget to watch the music videos that will complement their music at best. Despite faced with distance difficulties, the band is still around doing shows and writing materials for the future ahead.

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