Gizpel hasn’t always been Gizpel. Like what many other bands may have experienced, they changed their name for the better. Fadillah Ananto, Dika Raka Prayuga and Dimas Wibisono, started to jam together out of their bedroom only using a guitar, a bass and a LSDJ software out of a gameboy platform. These three who used to be known as Leipzig, started to find what then became their signature of sound through the intertwining guitar melodies, timid vocals and the inclusion of 8-bit drums to the shoegaze party. Creating a very distinctive sound of dream pop like no others. The first Short Distance EP was released in 2015, making the band actively played plenty of shows and once toured across cities. Their single "Zittau" was published with a music video that offers the alternate world this band's music is living, evoking favorable reviews.

Although Gizpel has experienced a number of line up changes, the band now consists only of the two mastermind, Fadil and Raka, yet setting a very intense full band format on live with Joshua Emmanual on guitars and Alit Wedhantara on drums. The band is now preparing their upcoming release and oh yeah, you can pretty much talk about football with them friendly lads.

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