When Ratta Bill, Abi Chalabi, Smita Kirana and Ariel Kaspar met in 2013, being participants of the same art exhibition was the only thing they all had in common. Now they shared an indie pop/rock outfit called bedchamber. Based in Jakarta, the four started out to do what they referred as pseudo-jam every week until Perennial EP was released. Although it has only bedroom quality of recordings, the 5 tracks unexpectedly attracts tons of loves until all the copies sold out not long after. Their single, "Perennial" which brings the notion of being a youth was served with a music video that shows exactly how serious they are on being not-so-serious.

Their second release, Portside was released on 2015 as a split with Surabaya's emerging post punk band, Cotswolds. The two then toured the Java Island and summoned a serious amounts of sing alongs and crowdsurfs. The band is now reserving themselves into a slump, creatively, to write and record their upcoming full album which set to release at the end of the year.

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