ATSEA is many things, but it is mostly Omar Prazhari. It is also an indie pop/instrumental project based in Vancouver and Jakarta. After the day he moved to Vancouver to study, Omar felt the necessities to capture all the feelings related to longing and loss he experienced through ATSEA. Undertowed with his musical vision, an instrumental album Bleak Tropics was released on April 2015. The unbearable charm of his writing was introduced with tracks like "High Tides" and "Never That" on the set. Seeing the potential of an instrumental record, a book called Anatomy of the Sea was released after which contains interpretative pieces based on the EP by various writers to expand the joy.

Despite the multiple changes of line ups, ATSEA is still out there performing live and rumoured busy making music (and memes) for their upcoming materials to be out soon via yours truly.

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